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When we talk about melon in general, we undoubtedly refer to Cantalupo: the Italian melon par excellence. Of oval shape, with skin characterized by a pronounced and continuous meshed texture , regularly interrupted by green meridians almost to guide us already on the “slices” that we will taste. When cut, the characteristic aromas emanated by the yellow-orange pulp are synonymous of freshness and taste. The varietal selection we offer is distinguished by the type of pulp: crunchy, juicy or soft and it always guarantees unmistakable sweetness and flavour.


Well meshed peel, with or without slice grooves (meridians), of variable colour from yellow to more or less intense green. The flesh colour is from intense orange to light salmon. The pulp, salmon or orange, is interesting for its quality, aroma and sugar content.


There are different ways of calling melons in Italy: in Southern Italy they are called “baciro” and “meloni da pane” (melon for bread), for example in Puglia locally they are called “caroselli” (carousels) and “barattieri”, whose fruits are consumed unripe, raw in salad or to accompany first courses. In Tuscany they are called “popone” and in northern Italy “melone”(melon).


Charentais melon is distinguished by the elegance of presentation of its fruits. Its characterization resides in the shape, mostly roundish and of a smaller caliber than the classic portrait. The varieties we have selected have a less thick skin, a less pronounced line, albeit very evident, and green and distinguishable grooves in the “slice”.The picture is completed by a pulp with an intense orange color, very sweet, juicy and with a more complex aromatic profile and extremely pleasant to the taste.


How to choose melons?

The petiole must have very small cracks and a color between yellow and green.

How to store melons?

The melon must be stored in cool rooms or in a refrigerator, avoiding putting it in contact with the walls of the latter.

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