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The process begins with the careful selection of the seeds planted in our nursery at a temperature of 25°C, an ideal climate for germination. This is how the complex technique of grafting begins: an operation carried out inside the nursery that involves the fusion of two plants called “rootstock” and “scion”. Thus, a plant is born with the best characteristics of the one and the other seed of origin, ready to be transplanted and cultivated in optimal conditions. The open field transplantation of the grafted plant is undoubtedly the most delicate phase: the choice of a soil with a fine grain size, precious peat and with a high water retention capacity is decisive for the brilliant outcome of the production. The entire production chain is supported by the specific characteristics of the Umbrian climate: the high temperature range between day and night, typical of the region, makes the soil particularly fertile. The microclimate that makes the difference, the use of sustainable techniques, a scrupulously controlled fertigation and the great professionalism of our workers, ensure maximum comfort to the seedlings transplanted in the open field, thus guaranteeing the quality of the melon.
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Harvest, Packaging & Distribution


Once ripe, the fruit is promptly harvested and packaged with the support of latest-generation machinery – Top Melon guarantees the freshness of its melon by carrying out the two phases throughout the same day. Once the packaging is completed, our melon is ready to be distributed to the different markets. The distribution is managed by the cooperative “La Strada dei Sapori” which is responsible for transporting third parties in Italy and in the countries of the European community, guaranteeing the timely delivery of the goods processed everywhere.
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