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June 1995, we are in Umbria and more precisely in Todi.
The Spinetti family plants the seed that will give life to one of the most accredited Italian farms of the century.

Top Melon was born, a small family business that aims to produce and sell its own melons. 

The passion for the land, the dedication to work and the typical Umbrian land, create a fruit of excellence with unique characteristics. The unmistakable aroma and the sweet taste, make the Top Melon melon one of the most requested on the national and foreign market.
2009 is the decisive year for the Spinetti family, the company expansion is necessary to respond to the demand while maintaining high quality standards. A new warehouse is opened, Top Melon expands thus becoming a farm in all respects, supported by the production of 10 shareholders throughout Italy. In 2017 the company wants to put itself to the test by adding new products to its price list. Not only the cultivation of melons but also the production of courgettes, midi watermelons and brassicas.
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We cultivate love for our Umbrian land

From the Green Heart of Italy, Top Melon cultivates love for excellence respecting the Umbrian territory through the use of sustainable agricultural techniques. The quality and freshness of the products are guaranteed by reducing the use of chemical elements replaced, almost entirely, by natural cultivation techniques. As of today, the Top Melon farm sells 130,000 quintals of melon, 20,000 quintals of watermelons and more than 11,000 quintals of courgettes and brassicas per year.


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