Top Melon

Top Melon is a family farm founded in 1995 in Todi, Umbria. The company produces and sells melons, courgettes, midi watermelons and brassicas. In 2009, Top Melon expands to meet growing demand and becomes a full-fledged farm. In 2017, the company decided to diversify its production, adding courgettes, midi watermelons and brassicas to the melon. Today, Top Melon is one of Italy’s most important agricultural companies.
melone retato


Useful for facilitating muscle contractions.

low calorie

It is composed mainly of water (about 90%).

vitamin c

It raises the barriers of the immune system and helps the body prevent the risk of cancer by inhibiting the synthesis of carcinogens


It reassures the soul, improves memory and invigorates in case of tiredness and depression.


Important for bone and tooth health.

vitamin B3

It promotes blood circulation and acts as a skin protector.