and farms

TOP MELON always guarantees a high-quality product: this would not be possible without the support of Cooperativa Agricola (farmers cooperative) "La Strada dei Sapori", which helps through all the stages of the production.

"La Strada dei Sapori" was founded in 2008 and includes all Spinettis’ companies. The Cooperative is able to guarantee melon production in Umbria from June to October, thanks to its 300 hectares (about 750 acres), all around the shores of River Tevere.


All melon are selected and wrapped in our factory in Pantalla di Todi, Perugia, opened in June 2009. Melons are wrapped exclusively through the use of modern machineries, among which is a brix detector, which guarantees and certifies the melon's quality.

The meticulous selection that allows to obtain excellent melons, the accurate organization of both staff and work and the great logistics make Top Melon a serious and reliable firm, which delivers the certainty of high quality melons all over Italy.


"La Strada dei Sapori" also operates transport services for hire or reward, in Italy and in all EU contries, delivering products everywhere with great transit times.

It was founded in 2008 under the name “Top Logistica”, which remained so untill November 2014, when the company was absorbed by the Cooperative “La Strada dei Sapori”. The logistics branch of “La Strada dei Sapori” plays a prominent role in the activity of food distribution and, for us, professionalism, puntuality and reliability come, and have always come, first.

Our selected fleet of refrigerated motor vehicles specifically designed for foods (all ATP-certified -Accorde Transport Perissable-), the highest level of quality and hygiene we ensure, in compliance with HACCP standards, and our favorable geographic location allowed us to accomplish remarkable achievements.